keskiviikko 19. tammikuuta 2011

BrewDog Alpha Dog

- 4,5% - ??IBU - ??EBC - 0,33l pullo - Skotlanti -

You probably have a very limited imagination. You simply can't come up with a unique name for a beer. No. Instead you pick a name that is already used by nearly a dozen breweries around the world. What does this say about you? Uncompromising punk attitude? We'll see about that. And your beer then. What does the label tell us? Well, actually it's just full of arrogance and self promotion. Why spend more than one line out of the forty for describing the beer when there is a mission to fulfill! A crusade against the pagan and heathen macrobrewers who poison our minds with their neverending propaganda promoting their bland, poorly made and cheap soulless mass lagers. You don't have the bottomless coffers filled with gold for advertising but you got the Attitude! But you don't have the guts to describe your beer? Why? Because, you know, the beer ain't that special. It looks nice and foamy, smells like caramalt and hops. But where is the punky taste? Everything is ok: not at all too sweet, moderate hoppiness, maltiness and smoothiness but this ain't worth all the freaking boosting on the label! But it's not completely your fault. You had the choice to brew the ultimate existential red ale or bitter, but instead you invested on your ever so important mission. You made our eyes open and we learned to demand more. Even from you. Sure we have tasted much worse bitters than this and we even might buy another bottle some day. Yet this is not what we expected. Ditch the bullshit and next time say hello to a heftier dose of hops!



2 kommenttia:

  1. Aika tiukkaa settiä :)

    Hyvin tavotettu BrewDog-kirjoitustyyli, thumbs up!

  2. Hämäävästi enklantilla läksytettyä tekstiä.

    Hauskaa kettuilua BrewDoginkin suuntaan välillä :)